Top 5 TVF Web shows to watch

TVF is an amazing platform to get entertain just like Amazon Prime, Netflix and so on and in coming days, no doubt that TVF will be the biggest good content providing a platform in India. Here, We have shortlisted some of the best shows from TVF.

1. Permanent Roommates

credit: webfare

This is the first show of TVF and it is made in very low budget but the content of this show is very mindblowing. Once you start to watch the show, you can’t help to laugh and you will start loving the character. This show is with full of humor and I guarantee you will laugh a lot. Every episode of this show is 15-20 minutes long and you won’t remember how the time passes, just the opposite you will hate that why the episodes are so short because you want more.

Sumit Vyas the lead character is amazing, he is a very talented and humorous person and you will notice when you watch this show because he is our beloved Mickey Bhaiya. Two seasons are available on TVF play app so download and binge watch.

2. TVF Pitcher

credit: reelgood

If you are a college student then this is the perfect show you. This show comprises all the factors you face while graduation and after graduation. If you want some inspiration about your startup (oh! I spilled the main idea of the show) or get entertain along with your hostel gang then this show will be the memorable moment for you and believe me it is for everyone.

This show is very best, serious, comedy and emotional and you will get everything you want to get entertained in this show. So what are you waiting for, Season 1 is already on TVF Play and season 2 is about to come.

3. TVF Tripling

credit: tvfplay

Have you ever imagine how it feels to go on an unplanned road trip with your cousins? We have seen movies and tv series about traveling but what makes tripling different from other shows is its beautiful story and emotional angle towards our loved ones. It is a story based on brother-sister life, how they go on an unplanned road trip and how things changes.

Tripling is a very beautiful journey with some funky dialogues and songs. I don’t want to spoil the excitement to yours so please watch this gem, you will also want to go on a road trip with your family, not with your friends.

4. TVF Inmates

credit: youtube

I always want to live with my friends away with my hometown and chill out. Yeah, that’s what I want but I couldn’t make it. Inmates is about friends who live together and share a flat. This show is very funny and humorous. There is no sense in this show but you will love it just to find when we have roommates who are inmates then how things get excited and you will also find out how we behave senselessly.

This is the beauty of the show which stated “ stop making sense” and just enjoy the life.

5. Yeh Meri Family

credit: vostory 

This is a 90’s show and of course all the people who have been though by so-called 90’s will relate with this show. This show will take you on a journey where you remembers all those things you did in your childhood and it’s a very beautiful romantic and emotional journey. Yeh Meri family is the most popular show of TVF and it garnered critical and commercially appreciation from the viewers.

This show has settled a new benchmark and opened a door where we realize that still ’90s is not cliché and we can make so many things on our childhood.


So, guys, these are the five shows from TVF, I have listed and I want you guys to watch it. Please let me know your experiences related to this show in the comment section and for more post like this like and share


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