Top 5 best performances of Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is an immensely popular and extremely talented actress currently working in  Bollywood and she has already proved her acting talent in many movies. For a talented actress like Deepika Padukone it is difficult to rank her performances but after watching her movie very keenly, we shortlisted five of her movie in which she performed brilliantly and won many awards, appreciation from critics as well as from audiences. So here we are discussing Deepika Padukone’s five best performances.



Few peoples know that Deepika wanted to play the character of Meera (the character played by Diana Penty) but thanks to Imtiaz Ali, he suggested Deepika to play the role of Veronica and we all know the result how Deepika performed that character and critics praised her performance then she highlighted to many filmmakers. Deepika won many awards for cocktail for her brilliant performance and this movie opened the many doors for her.

2. Ramleela


After getting positive reviews for cocktail, Deepika comes in contact with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and he decided to create an epic love story with her. Ramleela was a challenge for Deepika but she managed to play the role and she succeeded. It is arduous to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali but Deepika’s hard work and passion for acting make her Bhansali’s favorite actor. Therefore, Ramleela was the turning point in her life.

3. Chennai Express


Both the movie, Ramleela, and Chennai express released in the same year and this year was the most precious year of Deepika’s life because her four movies got released and all were superhit which made her top actress of Bollywood and helps her to get number one position in Bollywood. Critics struggled to decide for which movie she should get an award but she distributed her award for ramleela and Chennai express.

4. Tamasha


Imtiaz Ali plays an important role in Deepika’s life. He is a mentor, friend, adviser and well wisher of Deepika. After Love Aaj Kal, Imtiaz couldn’t manage to work with her due to some circumstances and fans were very excited to watch actor-director duo on screen and finally, both made it and they came up with tamasha. My most favorite Deepika’s movie is tamasha. The way she played her character, Meera in this movie was outstanding and she deserves all the appreciation.

5. Padmavat


She has garnered a benchmark in Bollywood and she is the most expensive Bollywood actress. Padmavat was impossible without Deepika and Bhansali was aware of this fact so he stood by his decision and waited for Deepika approval. This movie faced many problems from its making to released but padmavat is the iconic movie now and Deepika position in Bollywood in untouchable.


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