List of Imtiaz Ali films ranked from worst to best

Imtiaz Ali has never made a bad film and if you have seen his movie, you could agree with this fact but in the mildest term, we have shortlisted his movie from worst to best on the basis of popularity, commercial success and critically acclaimed perspective. Imtiaz Ali is one of the finest directors we have and he has been giving fresh content to the viewers but he has always been criticized for repetitive storytelling and unconventional love story.


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Since his first movie, Socha Na Tha, he entertained audiences and make them fall in love with his characters and films. His choices of settings, location, and music have touched many hearts and we always feel good when we listened to his movies song. He is a Sufi person and it has been demonstrating in his work since 2005.

Imtiaz Ali does not need any introduction because he has achieved so many things in his life and his view towards society and life make him very down to earth and authentic person. However, here his films from worst (not severely) to best.

7. Jab Harry Met Sejal

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Among all the movies of Imtiaz, jab harry met sejal was the most hyped movie and people were very curious to watch new and fresh actor-director combination. Shahrukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali both known as the king of romance in their respective field. Therefore, people were excited to see both the person together but their combination turned out disaster and the movie titled as a flop on box office.

Though jab harry met sejal gets mixed reviews but there was something missing in Imtiaz movie. His regular location, sufiyana music, character background story and so on. In this movie, he misses his aura for which he is specifically known.

6. Socha Na Tha

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Socha Na Tha was his first movie and the same movie where he has yet to discover his aura. He tried really well to reach to audience heart but couldn’t succeed. Though the movie was very interesting with some brilliant performances again Imtiaz Ali was not the real Imtiaz Ali for which he is known. He tried to covered road trip ( in Imtiaz Ali terms, we can say traveling), characters explored.

The story was uncomplicated, fresh and pure. He may not be shown what he wanted to show in this movie but this movie was a good start for Imtiaz Ali carrier. Abhay Deol was mindblowing as he always and the movie plot was also very engaging and interesting but the audience failed to notice that and this movie did not perform well at the box office.

5. Love Aaj Kal

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I have lots of memories of this movie and this is the first Imtiaz movie I watched in the theatre. Love Aaj Kal was a different and unique love story and every individual who belongs from old generation and a new generation can relate with the essence of this movie. Love Aaj Kal was a super hit and its music was playing everywhere. Imtiaz Ali comprised many aspects of his storytelling in this movie such as travel, distance, longing, old Delhi (purani Dilli), the generation gap and so on.

The music was very soulful and still, we don’t hesitate to listen to it. Imtiaz introduced fresh pairing, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone and this movie helped both the actors to accelerate their carrier. Love Aaj Kal opened many doors for Imtiaz Ali and after the released of this movie, he was a very well known filmmaker in Bollywood.

4. Jab We Met

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Imtiaz first movie was not able to perform well on box office but his second movie, jab we met broke many records and became one of the longest running Indian films. Jab we met has everything you want to see in any movie. Imtiaz might have same storytelling ways but his characters are always different from one another and that we saw in jab we met. Shahid and Kareena were outstanding and their chemistry liked by audiences.

Jab we met is the commercial success and this movie gave iconic character geet which is the inspiration for many coming actresses including alia bhat. She admitted that she is the biggest fan of Kareena Kapoor and her character in jab we met. Imtiaz known for realistic filmmaking and character and he is good to portray such character in his movies.

3. Tamasha

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Tamasha is an emotional roller coaster of Imtiaz Ali, by watching this movie many people quit their job and moved to their passion. Even the tagline of this movie was “why always the same story” and he succeeded to stop the criticism which was often coming on his way. He never repeats his actor but in this movie, he did it with Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and this movie became cult and inspired many people.

Tamasha discovered a new place for filmmakers, Corsica. Imtiaz is a great traveler and explorer and he knows very well, how to make use of those locations where he traveled and we have seen his love for north India and Europe. With great cinematography, this movie came out a unique and fresh movie and the music of Pritam is so beautiful.

2. Highway

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Highway was his dream project and he wanted to make this film since he started to work in the industry but couldn’t make it due to financial support. After he gets a success, he couldn’t help to make the movie and he did it. Veera Tripathi the character played by Alia Bhat is the most memorable character of Imtiaz movies and we will have the visit of Himalayas, the mountain, the folk songs.

Highway performance was average at the box office but this movie listed cult in the Imtiaz Ali filmography. The essence of Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana is very beautiful that you will fall in love with those places.


1. Rockstar

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There are few movies who managed to fix in audience hearts for forever and this is the one. The story of Rockstar has written in a sufiyana style, the music touches every film lover and non-film lover hearts. The location is mesmerizing, acting is outstanding. What we can miss in this movie, I don’t find any reason to talk against this movie.

Ranbir Kapoor as a janardan jakhar/Jordan is outstanding and not a single in Bollywood who can replace Ranbir in this role. Imtiaz discovered how Ranbir is an immensely talented actor and gave him something which nobody could ever give to him. This movie shows how someone can break and what he/she can do when it comes to their heart.


If it comes to Imtiaz movies, we have lots to talk and the discussion will never end but that’s for now and I hope you might agree with my thoughts for Imtiaz Ali filmography. I would like to know your thoughts by commenting on this post so please like and share. Thank you.

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