Top 5 Netflix Original Series to binge watch

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We have been listening to the phrase called Netflix and Chill, and Netflix has become the biggest medium for entertainment and with the assistance of digitalization, it’s spreading very quickly to the masses. Netflix has a huge collection of movies and series in its belly, it’s a heap to offers. So, here we are discussing five most productive, critically and commercially acclaimed series.

1. House of Cards

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House of cards is the very successful Netflix show and if you are interested in politics then you should definitely watch it, you will learn a lot and of course, Kevin spacey performance in this show is outstanding. Apart from the performances, this shows themes on greed, enticement and the most amazing thing about this show is while watching it, you will be in a  dilemma whether to hate or love the protagonist.

2. Stranger things

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As the name itself indicates it is a strange show and very entertaining. It’s a journey of four friends and I assure you, when you watch this show, you will also be on a journey with these characters. This show is an emotional ride includes so many things which seems very strange at the initial level which you won’t believe but once you get settled, you will crave to watch this show again and again and fall in love with the settings and characters of the show.

3. Daredevil

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Daredevil is one of the finest vigilante show I ever watched. Daredevil does not have any superpower like other superheroes and vigilante but what makes him different from other superhero is its views towards society and its flaws which he has been suffering from childhood. There so much to talk about the show but if you want to know how vigilant without superpower saves the world then this show is the best option for you. Unfortunately, Netflix canceled this show but its three-season are streaming on Netflix so you had better watch it.

4. 13 Reasons Why

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Not a single person in this world is saved by the problems which have shown in this show. This show is a must watch if you want to know what it feels like to be a victim of teasing, cultural gossip, and sexual assault. This show is with full of emotions and suspense. It’s a high school suspense thriller drama which keeps you at the edge of your seat and you will be very curious about the climax of the show that I surely promised so watch it.

5. Narcos


You all must be aware of Pablo Escobar, the drugs lord from the Columbia and if you don’t then no worry you will if you watch this amazing crime drama. The first two seasons of Narcos revolves around the life of Pablo Escobar and how he dominated the whole Columbia by his power is very interesting to watch. I will not spill the beans on the third season because I let this excitement open for the viewers.

So, there are many shows are available on Netflix but if you are a beginner and want to get binge watched then you should start with this five amazing show. If you have any query regarding this post kindly message me, I’ll happy to assist you and for more post like this please like, share and subscribe to filmymami.

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